Bev Pike, The Deluge, gouache on paper, 2.4 m x 6.1 m, 2005

“Because of mentorship I have immersed myself much more fully in the art scene. I do not feel like I am on the outside anymore. And now I can really articulate myself and answer questions about who I am as an artist and WHY I make art.”

– Barb Bottle

Mentorship is a peer-based relationship in which an experienced practitioner offers counsel, support, feedback and resources to a more emerging one.

What mentoring can do:

  • develop a mentee’s skills, knowledge, confidence, self-reliance
  • pass on professional knowledge
  • develop community
  • help solve problems and realize professional dreams

The mentor has specific experience which is relevant to the mentee. They have “been there, done that” and can offer guidance through first-hand experience.

Mentorship makes our lives, each other’s lives, our organizations and our communities healthier and more effective.